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vpn traffic

think NAT is not permitting traffic that is suppossed to flow through the ipsec tunnel from my remote client pc.

for instance i am in subnet and NAT is used for destination

IPsec vpn leases 10.0.0.x ip but I am unable to reach the remote networks on 192.168.x.x

How do you recommend to exclude traffic fron NAT so that it reaches the remote network.


vpn traffic

Depends on the hardware platform on software version.

Are you using a router, switch, or ASA?

If ASA, is it running version 8.2 or lower, or 8.3 or higher?

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vpn traffic

remote client is behind a cisco router now, behin a home end user router the vpn traffic reaches the other network without any issues. Following the setup of the cisco router (1801 via inbuilt adsl wic) cannot reach other network over vpn. VPN connection is established however the traffic (icmp/rdp) not working. I am thinking that it might be due to NAT but I still need to understand the path of the VPN traffic. does it originate from the 10.0.0.x ip and goes through the dialer (NAT should not be applied for this traffic right !) I have seen some configs stating the following:

ip nat inside source list 122 interface Ethernet0/1 overload
access-list 122 deny ip
access-list 122 permit ip any

but I think this applies when having a site to site vpn while in my case I have a remote access vpn.

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