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vpn users and bandwidth

Dear all

I have access server who many users connect to it. by the way all of users will be authenticated via cisco acs.

I want to implement a solution to assign 64K bandwith to each user. I mean dedicatd bandwidth. I tried Class-map and police but the mistake is that it is not possible to assign dedicated for each user.

please guide me


Re: vpn users and bandwidth


Just so I am clear on what you are trying to do. You want to apply QoS on remote VPN users?? In which direction?? REMEMBER you can only apply QoS outbound - going to the user.


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Re: vpn users and bandwidth

dear andrew

my vpn users are in lan side and the reason for vpn connections are internet access.

please inform me for suitable solution


Re: vpn users and bandwidth

You want to limit the amount of badnwdith a VPN user uses on the internet????

Where do the VPN's terminate? Where is the internet access? Do you have a diagram of what you are trying to do?

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Re: vpn users and bandwidth

the diagram look like this:

user-->router(VPN established)-->Internet

each user from LAN for internet access should establish a vpn connection the router will Authenticate it with cisco ACS if user is authenticated then it has internet access.

I want to limit each user bandwidth for internet connectivity


Re: vpn users and bandwidth

I do not have a clue how you would do this.

I would be interested in the solution, if it's at all possible. Perhaps another netpro can help.

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