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VRF usage


What is the main benefit of VRF in cisco routers .  Is it more useful for service providers only ?

Do we use in enterprise networks ? if so in what circumstances  it is  used ?  Please explain.




Re: VRF usage

use your favourite search engine and search "Cisco vrf configuration"

Re: VRF usage

Vrf is mainly used in ISP and services provider type of networks for multi service or multi tenant networks

However with the modern networks that contain alot of multi service and application and multi tenant infrastructures

Also with the data center servers visualizations network infrastructure virtulization getting more popular in the enterprise networks for isolation and traffic separation over same physical network

For more details you can have a look at the bellow link

Hope this help

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Re: VRF usage

And this is very good link

Design Zone for Campus

Network Virtualization--Path Isolation Design Guide

Hope this help

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Re: VRF usage


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It's main benefit it does for L3 routing what VLANs do for L2.

Often very useful to Service Providers who have  multiple customer traffic flowing across their infrastructure that they  wish to keep (logically) separate from each other.

Can be useful in the Enterprise too.  For example, suppose you want to provide a logical guest network across your Enterprise's physical network in parallel with your logical corporate network.  VRF would help support this.

Service provider often use MPLS to support VRF.  In the Enterprise, VLANs are often used to support VRF.

In  the Enterprise VRF might also be used during a company merger as two  distinct company networks can be run across one combined infrastructure.

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