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WAAS & ASA as a WCCP redirect device

I'm deploying a small site WAAS and the topology is a WAAS 474 (4.1.1 code) on a flat subnet - the device off the subnet is a PIX 151 running 8.0(4) code. The ASA terminates and IPSEC tunnel that needs to be optimized w/ the head-end.

My question is - will the wccp redirect funtion appropriatly?

wccp 61

wccp 62

wccp interface outside 62 redirect in

wccp interface inside 61 redirect in

The config on the PIX is above - I looked for order of operations info and could not find it - it seems that if the decryption happens before wccp interception everything will be OK - has anyone else done this before?



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Wow, 8 years later, I have

Wow, 8 years later, I have this exact same question, how is it that no one ever responded to this? Did you ever find a solution to this problem?

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I doubt that the PIX had

I doubt that the PIX had support for WCCP redirection. And do you really have the exact same question? Do you really have a PIX running 8.0(4)?

I looked into using WCCP redirection on an ASA for a customer. It is supported on ASA, at least in fairly recent versions of code. But there are some restrictions on use of WCCP on the ASA which led my customer to decide to do the redirection on a different device. So we did not test it and I can not say anything about how well it would have worked. Perhaps you can tell us some things about your topology and what your requirements will be? That might help us to develop better answers about whether it might work.



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Well, I have an ASA5550 on 9

Well, I have an ASA5550 on 9.1.7, but since WCCP has not changed from the PIX 8.0 to ASA 9.1.7, it is essentially the same issue. 

I tested it, ASA does not support L2, only GRE which I could get working, but I need the L2 as well, which I could not do with the WAAS device on 6.2.3b.

I gave up last night and decided that inline was what I needed to do to accomplish everything I was looking to accomplish. 

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Then your experience was

Then your experience was similar to mine. WCCP is supported on ASA but the implementation of WCCP on ASA is more limited than the implementation on IOS. These limitations sometimes lead us to decide to meet our requirements some way other than WCCP on ASA.



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