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WAFS in a DLSW+ environment - Can it work?

Wanted to see if anyone had a quick answer to this. I'm bridging two Ethernet segments across a WAN link. I'd like to optimize the traffic going across the link. Will a WAE device properly optimize the TCP traffic after DLSW+ encapsulates it? Right now I'm only looking to optimize the WAN traffic but would this be able to optimize the layer 4 and above stuff as well after DLSW+ does its thing?


Re: WAFS in a DLSW+ environment - Can it work?

Non-transparent accelerators may provide some level of classification, they can not provide the same level of classification that is provided within network devices such as WAN routers. Furthermore, as LAN-only devices, they can only classify traffic that they see, which does not include traffic that is generated at the router such as session border control, DLSW, and many other commonly-used protocols.

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Re: WAFS in a DLSW+ environment - Can it work?

Thanks for the reply. Here's what I'm looking to do:

I'm looking to deploy a 2800 series router with a NME-WAE. One FA would be the bridge link facing the switching infrastructure and the other the IP interface towards the WAN. I'm wondering if it is possible to send the DLSW+ packets after encapsulation to the WAE for optimization then back to the IP interface towards the other end of the DLSW+ link and still have the traffic optimized at least on a basic level (TCP, compression, DRE). I'm assuming I won't be able to redirect the incoming traffic to the IP interface because it's layer 2 frames at that point and DLSW+ encapsulation is somewhere between the incoming and outgoing traffic. Would this still work correctly.

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