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WAN Backbone

i have heard this things many times that the backbone of this company is not that reliable or we shd upgarde the backbone of this WAN design.....i am bit conuse what actually bckbone if we have four sites connected togather via FR or dedicated line.....where the back bone is.....plz can someone clear my confusion as i am not getting it.....thanks


Re: WAN Backbone


Backbone is nothing but the providers core network via which he provides services to other customers.The provider might have many locations with GSR's as core router and the locations would be connected with capacity from stm-1 to stm-192 .All the services offered travel via these links between locations and also internet traffic between ISP's connected via similar BW links.

Backbone of the company not reliable means they might have intermittent problems with their Core links or BW between the locations might be full.

To explain ur FR links , the provider might have a FR core or might provide FR services via MPLS .So you connect to the provider at various places and he takes the traffic via his core network to other locations .If you get a link from a telco who doesnt have any L3 or L2 network , may give you dedicated links via his mux.

Hope it clarifies your doubts.


vanesh k


Re: WAN Backbone

The "Backbone" is a concept where the majority of your company traffic will go through. If you have multiple facilities or a campus environment where your servers and users are located in different areas, then you require a backbone. This needs to be a robust WAN or LAN backbone that takes your time sensitive traffic and takes it from source to destination. If you have many users or heavy traffic then a large backbone is required. Useally a T-1,E-1,T-3,E-3,OC-3,OC-12,MEtroEthernet can be your backbone. It is up to the network management to determine if their backbone is sufficient or not....

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