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WAN BGP, upload lacking


I currently have two Cisco 3825s, 1 connecting to a 10MB internet wan link and the other connecting to a 100MB internet link with a different provider. The 10MB is for backup/redundancy purposes, as the 100MB link is prioritized. However, lately, via speedtest, been seeing like 90-92 Mbps download, 6-9 Mbps upload.  We hardly see any traffic going over the ATT link, as its monitored by SolarWinds NPM like everything else.  The pps and Mbps is low, which makes me think its not going over that. But due to the unique number that it is under 10Mbps...its making me think that the link in the BGP is capping the upload in the speedtest, which could be related to why we are having some performance issues with like VPN connections (once connected, they only get like 1Mbps in speedtest to same site).

What do you think? What should I check.

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WAN BGP, upload lacking


In most of the cases with Internet links you would see a huge difference between the upload and download utilization in the graph. The reason being when you use the internet services you are the receiver. ex watching a video on youtube. when you browse a video the traffic from your pc to the youtube server is only the get request and what comes from the server is streaming video which is large in size. So seeing low upload speeds is nothing wrong.

Again that is onoy because you are not oploading anything to the internet, if you wish to utilize the 100 Mbps to upload you must get it. The carrier speeds are 100 mbps full duplex meaning the same speed for upload and download.  You can test the link on your PC with a tool installed in it which could generate that much traffic. I believe the Solarwinds freeware has that tool. From your PC generate 100 Mbps of traffic to the other end of the WAN which connects to the provider. If you are able to see the interface sending 100 Mbps means there is no problem with the speeds contracted by the provider.




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