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WAN Compression Possible?

Hi , i have 7204VXR at my head office, that is running an OC3 connection , which is now a day shitting around 130Mbps traffic and with more branches opening i am expecting it to hit 145 Meg soon.

is there a way i can compress the traffic to around 100Meg let say?, instead of increasing my bandwidth to 200Meg which is costly.            

is there any solution from Cisco?? or Any third party hardware someone would liek to recommend?


WAN Compression Possible?

Look at Cisco Wide area application services module.

Make sure you understand the nature of your data To see if WAAS is even a fit for your environment.

I'd think about getting off that 7200 also.

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Re: WAN Compression Possible?


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At OC3 bandwidths, Cisco and 3rd party solutions really address WAN acceleration, of which compression is often a part.  However, for just using those for compression, you might find they are not inexpensive.

Another approach, is "management" of your bandwidth with QoS.  If your application bandwidth needs differ, you may find you have "ample" bandwidth, even with links running at 100%.  Year ago, I had a set of E3s that ran at 100% all during business hours, and had everything on them from VoIP to server backups.  Users didn't complain because I had sufficient bandwidth to satisfy application requirements.

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