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WAN connection through MLPPP or Ethernet


I would like to know the difference btw MLPPP and Ethernet WAN technology.

Which technolgy is good for WAN connection either MLPPP or Ethernet?

Does MLPPP and Ethernet  require any additional hardware to support this on router?

Which WAN connection gives us much better perforamnce on the above?

Which WAN connection gives maximum bandwidth throighput is MLPPP or Ethernet?

If any one having the docs on the above tech, pls share. Thanks.

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Re: WAN connection through MLPPP or Ethernet

Hello Jithendar,

go for an ethernet WAN connection if available in your zone

you can get 10 Mbps full duplex or better and it is easy to upgrade bandwidth as SP has just to modify its configuration

MLPPP requires addition of physical links (typically 2 Mbps each to increase bandwidth) and you can easily run out of space on the router and also it may require more resources.

if only E1 links are available using MLPPP can be a good solution.

Hope to help


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Re: WAN connection through MLPPP or Ethernet

Thanks Giuseppe for you inputs.

I know it requires additional WIC, but which will give good performance?

Do u have any document on this technology or share your own xp which you come across in operation. Thanks.

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Re: WAN connection through MLPPP or Ethernet


In general you will get better performance from an Ethernet as compared to MLPPP. For one thing with Ethernet you are dealing with a single interface that starts at 10 Mb (or could potentially be higher) where with MLPPP you are dealing with multiple interfaces which start at 1.5 Mb or 2 Mb and go up by that value as you add additional interfaces.

Also with MLPPP you are dealing with additional software overhead which will manage transmission of data over the MLPPP on the transmit end and deal with receipt and re-assembly of the data on the recieving end where with Ethernet there is no additional software required.

There are some situations where MLPPP is a better choice, especially situations where the sites are far apart (the serial links used by MLPPP are designed to operate over long distances where Ethernet does have some distance limitations).

So I agree with Giuseppe that if you really have a choice between using an Ethernet of MLPPP usually the Ethernet is the better choice. But sometimes you may not have much choice.



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