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Wan connections and direct internet access


I know that frame relay and atm circuits do not provide direct internet access. Can we say all the wan connections must not provide internet connection by default? Because it is the logic behind connection through WAN. Right? If right, we have to buy a new separete line for internet connection from ISPs?Rgiht?

If not right, can you please tell me which WAN (ATM, Frame Relay, MPLS, G.SHDSL, ADSL, ISDN, Metro Ethernet) connections have direct internet access?



Wan connections and direct internet access

Some of your terminoligy is getting crossed up. the internet is very transport indepenent.

frame, atm are just layer 2 mechanisims for wide area connectivity. you "could" get internet service from an ISP using one of those technolgogies.

WAN connections are purpose built. IF i need a point to point between 2 locations, then yes there is no internet.

  The only WAN circuits that get to the internet are the ones you order that way. the layer 2 technology has nothing to do with it.

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Wan connections and direct internet access

Getting confused to the question.  But what exactly are you trying to accomplish?

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Wan connections and direct internet access

Frame Relay, Atm etc.. are wan connections which make connections between geographical different locations through the internet. I was searching that whether those wan connections support direct internet connection(web access).

I found an answer about that:

"Basically, a frame relay is a shared lease line (in a very loose interpretation) where multiple users/companies share the bandwidth. The frame realy is also a Virtual circuit(s) between 2 or more points. Also, frame realy circuits DO NOT provide direct internet access. In order to have internet access, one of the points/Sites would have to have a dedicated Internet Connection and open access to the internet for other sites within the company. Sites set up within a F.R. cloud have no need for use of VPN becaus they are already PRIVATE Virtual Circuits."

But vmiller said that: "you "could" get internet service from an ISP using one of those technolgogies"

Which one is true?

There are wan connection types that customers can choose to connect their offices. TM, Frame Relay, MPLS, G.SHDSL, ADSL, ISDN, Metro Ethernet...

If one customer choose mpls, his company must have internet connection already, right? But is it valid for Frame Relay or atm?

Sorry for confusion...


Wan connections and direct internet access

Your quoted statement and mine are not exclusive, If anything they are the same.

Any "connection" to the internet will require some form of link to an existing provider.

Depending on the requirements and capabilites, that connection could be any of the transport technolgies you mention.

There is no requirement for an existing internet connection to support MPLS (enterprise MPLS Layer 3) however, a secure vpn using the internet would reqire some sort of access to internet.

Some large enterprises still use a prvate line scheme to connect their various locations, and control internet access at a central site. (Banks are a prime example)

keep in mind, Frame, ATM, ISDN.. are nothing more than transport technolgies. There is no additional service unless you order it.

MPLS, METRO E are value added services (generally) that include some form service provider backbone.

None of these "get you the internet" you have to order it.

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