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WAN failover over 4G wireless

I am currently working on a project to bring up a 4G\3G secondary connection (failover) in case the main MPLS link fails.

The set up is something like that:

The goal is to make sure the 4G kicks in when the main mpls ckt goes down

I have tried by puting static routes from the remote site point to the tu0 with higher cost, all that is good, untill you get to the HQ-MPLS router wich it is not redistributing the static routes into osfp (by design - since there are some static routes on hq-mpls) and when you insert redistribute static statement we observe routing loops for those static routes on the hq-mpls router.

I dont mind running other igp protocol in order to accomplish the goal (remote and hq) and then redistribute into bgp and back.

Can someone share some knowledge\suggestion\documentation, etc

Thanks again,


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WAN failover over 4G wireless

I would configure a secondary bgp connection for this over the 4G cloud.

with the local preference attribute you can select the MPLS path as primary path (for incoming routes)

for outgoing routes you can prepend your own as on the backup path.

That should do the trick


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WAN failover over 4G wireless

Thanks for the quick response. I will be playing with it next week.


WAN failover over 4G wireless

well this is depend on how you do your routing over the 4G

if you are using only static route and BGP over the MPLS then you job is simple

you need to advertise a network ( dummy ) between the two MPLS edge drouters you have and advertise it over BGP

use a watcher on each of the routers to watch that route once this route disapeared from the routing table the 4G will start

also use an IPSLA track to watch this route once its disapeared from the routing table a static route over the 3G will comes up

Make sure the avertised dummy network over BGP is not covered with this static route


in the HQ mpls create a loopback and advertise it in BGP

in lo0

ip address

router bgp xx

network mask

remote router

track 5 ip route reachability

delay down 3 up 3


track 10 list boolean and  ------ this will consider track 10 down when the route is in the routing table

object 5 not

ip route interface dialerxx track 10     --- this static route will be down in the case the bgp route is in the routing table which means BGP link is up you might use the 4G next hope ( depends on the service provider setup )

the below can be used to bring the 4g interface up when the route is not in the routing table

dialer watch-list 1 ip

dialer watch-list 1 delay route-check initial 180

dialer watch-list 1 delay connect 60

dialer-list 1 protocol ip permit

interface Dialerxx   - 4G int

dialer pool 1

dialer watch-group 1

hope this help

if helpful rate

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WAN failover over 4G wireless

I will be deploying the 4G tonight. Lets see how it goes. I took your advice (config sample) and twicked it a little bit.

Thanks for the help.


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