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WAN - frame relay help

Hi there. This is the first time I have used this forum and it is mainly because I am struggling with this last chapter.

I have been asked to configure a network with link-state protocol using a hetroheneous network, which of course means, OSPF and area (id). Other tasks that are needed is setting up the addressing scheme using VLSM, configuring routers and switches within a domain and also implementing ACLS.

I have 3 routers configured, R1, R2 and also R3.


R2                 cloud                   R3




R1 and R3 are connected via a serial link and is utilising PPP encapsulation. Both of the routers are running OSPF and area 0 is setup. The two routers are running CHAP encryption and they can ping each other.

The same setup has been implemented between R2 and R1. Each link has been established as a separate subnet and addressed accordingly.

Now here is the issue I am having. R3 also needs to be connected to R2, however using a frame relay network. So I have setup another separate network in my address scheme for the cloud/frame-relay that will give two IP address, one for R3 and one for R2. I am not sure as to how I need to configure the frame relay. There is also 6 other routers that need to utilise the same frame relay and I have been recommended to use multipoint instead of point to point. All the devices, i,e, the frame relay network will be in the same subnet. R3 will be the DCE or the hub shall I say, any help will be greatly appreciated.

R2 and R3 should be linked by a frame relay and the R3 network utilising DLCI and default LMI specification. This is to provide future expansion.


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WAN - frame relay help

Anyone there.

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