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WAN Lab Simulation Help?

I would like to create a lab to help with my certification studies. As part of my lab I have two Cisco routers (1841 and 2524 each with a 56k built-in WIC. I know frame-relay would be tough to emulate without a 3rd router to act as frame switch. However, I would like to bring up a simple HDLC or PPP PTP link. I configued each interface for the appropriate ip, encapsulation and set the clock rate to 56000. I have a crossover cat5 cable between them as the WICS have RJ-45 ports. However, I can't get the connection up. I don't even get a link light. I tried a st8 cat5 cable to no avail as well. How best can I get these two routers to bring up a WAN link (HDLC or PPP, doesn't matter). I mainly want to use it to study the routing protocols. What am I missing? I cam not even getting physical layer here.

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Re: WAN Lab Simulation Help?


likely you are using the wrong crossed cable.

Please crimp your own cable according to:

Just cross 1-2 to 7-8.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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Re: WAN Lab Simulation Help?

Hi, yes it could be a cable problem, do a show interface on the router, look for tx, rx errors, or not connected message in the first line.


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