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WAN/LAN Redundancy with HSRP

I am working on making a segment of my network a little more redundant.  I am working with our core voice network and I am adding redundant LAN switches as well as redendant LAN routers.  I am going to be running HSRP between the inside interfaces of both routers and I want to do the same on the WAN side for redundancy into our core access network.  One thing I am not sure of is how to handle inbound NAT translations between the routers, I have looked into SNAT but I think that is more LAN->WAN translations.  How can I make the WAN->LAN translations work correctly in this scenario?  I have attached a basic diagram of the setup.

Cisco Employee

WAN/LAN Redundancy with HSRP

Hi there

could you please describe in more details what do you mean by "doing the same on the WAN side"? Do you mean enabling HSRP between ISP R1 and ISP R2 devices?  And were should be  NAT implemented on your devices - on R1-R2 only from LAN ( to WAN (10.10.1.x) or on ISP R1/R2 also?

From the first look, the main issue you may face with is how to avoid assimetrical routing - e.g. ensure that return traffic from WAN to LAN will be directed to currently Active HSRP device.

Please find below link to some useful information regarding SNAT - it can really help in this case; but please be aware that this feature is announced as End-of-Sale (  )



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