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WAN Link 128 KBS ????


I need your help that I need to build a WAN connection between 2 routers of 128K,

And i have to used HDLC/PPP Encapsulation and my routers are Cisco 2811,

Distance Betwee 2 routers is 5 to 10 km ,, Kindly syggest me which WIC card, or WAN interface is best for me;

thanks n regard

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Re: WAN Link 128 KBS ????

Hello Afzaal,

in any case you need to buy a service provider service: you cannot connect them back to back.

possible modules for this are:

but probably there are cheaper ones.

Actually you can use normal sync serial ports to achieve this.

Verify what kind of WAN service is available in your zone.

For example you could even think of

using an SHDSL service or even to use two ADSL links and a vpn over the internet.

So the key point is availability in your zone

Hope to help


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Re: WAN Link 128 KBS ????

Can lease one or more dry pairs ? In that case you can run your own SDSL on it.

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Re: WAN Link 128 KBS ????

For what type of cabling? Reason I ask, since you mention 5 to 10 Km, you could run Ethernet over fiber at very high rate. If copper, there are also Ethernet extenders that might permit about 4.6 Mbps to 10 Km.



Assuming you don't wish to run Ethernet over copper, or pursue Paolo's mention of SDSL (or othter DSL variant), and assuming the connection is physical copper without conection to the PSTN, I'm guessing that something like a HWIC-1DSU-T1 might be used between the two routers (hopefully someone else much more experienced on the telco side might comment).

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Re: WAN Link 128 KBS ????


Thank for your nice answers


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