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WAN link aggregation

I have a microwave link between two buildings. The microwave link has two antennas at each location in effect giving me two layer 2 connections between locations.

My questions is, I would like to aggregation these two links into one layer 3 link with an IP on each side. What would be the best way to do this and with what equipment?

Was thinking but have never tried to create a port-channel group with 2 FE interfaces on say a 3560 then create a GRE tunnel with source interface of the port-channel. Don't know if that would work, but certainly seems like a viable solution. I would like the option of doing IPSec over this connection too though and don't think the switch would be a good option then.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.


Re: WAN link aggregation

AARNet consists of a single POP (point of presence) in each state. The POPs are referred to as Regional Network Operations (RNOs). Universities connect to the RNO in their respective state. The RNOs in turn are interconnected by a full mesh of Optus ATM PVCs. Together they constitute AARNet.

The typical RNO consists of one Cisco LS1010 ATM switch and one ATM-attached router. The RNO router connects to each university router by a single ATM PVC across an E3 microwave link. Every RNO router also has a full mesh of ATM PVCs that the Optus ATM network provides to all other RNOs.

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