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WAN link fail over

                   Hi everyone,

we have nine remote sites connected to the HQ via MPLS, we mantain tow links from two different ISP for high availability, the issue now is that if in one site the link of ISP1 went down, and in the same time the link of ISP2 went down in the HQ, how the remote site will talk to the HQ since each one of them has a different ISP link up? I confiugred BGP between the rotuter and the ISP, and EIGRP between the rotuer and the core swithc.

Check the attached file for more details.

Thanks in advance


WAN link fail over

If I understand correctly I don't think what you want is possible, because it simply means that both ISP1 and ISP2 are down so there is no path for the packets to take.

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WAN link fail over

Thanks for response, but what I mentioned is that in one site ISP1 is up but ISP2 is down so all traffic will go with ISP1, at the same time in the HQ ISP1 is down and ISp2 is up so all traffic will go with ISP1, as I think this problem could be solved if there is inter ISPs connectivity.

You can check the attached file to understand what I mean.



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