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New Member

WAN Link fail over

Hi, my name is John. We have 1 uplink connected to a Cisco 1900 series router and another 1 uplink connected to a Cisco 3000 series router. Two uplink from 2 different ISP. My question is how can i configure the routers so that when 1 uplink failed, the other 1 uplink will take over without any service disruption?

Cisco Employee

Hi John As per your query I

Hi John
As per your query I have created a diagram that may be your setup and to achive the redudancy from device and link prospective you can use multiple solutions;
     ---- RTR 1---------- ISP1
LAN        |
    ------RTR 2 --------- ISP2
- to achive the device redundnacy and redundancy from LAN prospective use HSRP with link tracking so that in case any link fails or router fails the other device will pass the traffic
- From link redundnacy prospective you can use multiple solution depending on the kind of link that you taken from the provides. 
- If the links are L1/L2 and you have taken these link for communicating to other sites than you can use IGP routing protocol (ospf).
   router ospf 1
   network <lan network> <wild mask> area 0
   network <wan network> <wild mask> area 0
   network <RTR-to-rtr>  <wild mask> area 0  > u can eliminate this link if you want to use via lan sw
- If you have taken these link for internet access than you can use static/default route with admin distance. make sure RTR1 should be hsrp active and only in case of isp1 failure RTR2 take over.
  ip route <ISP1 ip>
  ip route <ISP2 ip> 10
Solution may change as per the type of link or requirement.
If you have any query please feel free to contact.
Thanks & Regards
New Member

Hi Sandeep, Thanks for your

Hi Sandeep,


Thanks for your suggestion.

Can you advise how can i configure HSRP and link redundancy?

We does not need to connect to other sites but we need to connect to internet resources.

Do you have any use cases or example that i can reference?

Cisco Employee

Hi,please find below the hsrp


please find below the hsrp configuration:


intrface <interface-name>
standby 1 ip <hsrp-virtual-ip>
standby 1 preempt
standby 1 priority 110
standby 1 track <wan-interface> 20


intrface <interface-name>
standby 1 ip <hsrp-virtual-ip>
standby 1 track <wan-interface> 20

also refer this link for more details:

Thanks & Regards


New Member

Hi Sandeep,In the case that i

Hi Sandeep,

In the case that i put aside the fail-over configuration first.

And i would like to test each uplink respectively to see if the uplinks works.

1 of the uplink have static IP and the other 1 is based on DHCP.

In this case, for the uplink with static IP, should i configure as 

  ip route <ISP ip>

And for the uplink with dynamic IP address, should i configure the static route reference to my router exit interface?

  ip route <router exit interface>

Thanks in advanced.

New Member

Hi Sandeep,Thanks for your

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for your suggestion.

I will try this out but not this week and let you know if it works or not.


New Member

Hi Sandeep,Just want to say

Hi Sandeep,

Just want to say that my new network diagram should be like this 

     ---- RTR 1---------- -----                                                                  -----------------ISP1
   /                                      \                                                              /
LAN        |                                Switches in redundancy  --------Firewall
   \                                       /                                                             \
     --------RTR 2 ------------                                                                  -----------------ISP2
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Basically, each router would, if its own link fails, redirect to the other router.  Can be difficult to accomplish without any service disruption, but not too difficult to accomplish with minimum (milliseconds) service interruption.

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