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WAN Network Simulator solution

Hello, we are looking for a hardware/software solution that can simulate a WAN or two that would allow us to test our hardware setup/config before deploying it in the production environment.

I've looked at PacketStorm products and was wondering if anyone has tried this or any other solutions. We would like something that could do 3 or 4 sites and multiple WAN connections as well. Currently all connections to the WAN are IP based 10/100 Ethernet connections

Thanks in Advance

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Re: WAN Network Simulator solution

WAN, when I read WAN, I think serial interfaces, special purpose modules, what type of WAN connections are you talking about that use 10/100 Ethernet connections?

In a typical router we have Ethernet interfaces that point to ethernet network segments and serial/async/special purpose interfaces that connect to WAN technologies (Frame Relay, ATM, T-1/E-1 etc)

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Re: WAN Network Simulator solution

Sorry for the confusuion about our network we are trying to simulate. Our primary network now consists of 6 sites that all have a router provided by the telco. These have a 10/100 ethernet connection that we connect to. Our backup network is a Connection to the local ISP provider and is also a 10/100 Ethernet connection. Maybe the subject should have been Network Simulator, rather than WAN.

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