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New Member

WAN on RV082 is Slow

Material in question:

Router Model: RV082


Only primary WAN port used

Description of problem:

I've had a 50mbps internet line with a 2mbps upload for a couple of weeks. I thought my ISP was having trouble because I was only getting 30mbps down and 700kbps upload with noticeable packet loss, however after connecting a laptop directly to the modem after office hours, I realized that I can reach 53mbps down and almost 2.5mbps up. But when I connect directly into the router I only reached the much slower speeds mentioned above previously. (40-60% slowdown)

All transfers over LAN reach their full 100mbps transfer speed. So it seems to just be a problems with the WAN.

My next move is to back up the router, flash it and then try it with basic default configurations to see if a setting is causing the slowdown.

On the other hand, it just occurred to me that perhaps the router was not designed for such a fast line.


Does anyone know if the RV082 can handle a 50mbps internet connection? Has anyone experienced this problem too? Has anyone successfully deployed such a fast internet line with this router?

Note: I will post the results of my next test as soon as I complete them. The only available time to take the network down is tomorrow evening.

Thanks in advance for any help/feedback.


Re: WAN on RV082 is Slow

Comparing LAN performance to WAN performance is comparing apples and oranges.

I do not think there is an issue with the router per se. Once you hit your ISP, there are too many

variables to consider in determining if traffic flow is "too slow".

Are you running a firewall on the router?

You can dig into optimizing your tcp/ip stack to move things along.

New Member

Re: WAN on RV082 is Slow

Router: RV082 hardware version 1


I'm currently experiencing the same troubles. At first, I thought it was DNS querying that was the primary problem. Starting new at this organization, this is my first experience with an RV082. During the previous and latest firmwares, the internet is not necessarily just slow for our business. If I do a speedtest, I can get nearly the same speeds as when I hook up directly to the WAN. But to load a page, say, the New York Times, takes about 7-10 seconds when connected through the RV082 compared to the 3 seconds when connected directly to the WAN.

Last night I reset it to factory defaults, entered only the IP information of the two ISPs, and tried both enabling and disabling the Firewall and the results were the same — slow browsing.

One note of interest was a few weeks ago I changed the DHCP DNS servers to OpenDNS rather than using the router's IP address, and things were much snappier. This is why I believe the DNS resolving of the RV082 is a great portion of the problem. But if I do so, I lose the Local DNS Database.

According to many of the other forums, it appears that hardware revisions 1–2 are slow like this and revisions 3 and 4 are much faster. Can anyone comment on that? Better yet, can anyone fix my RV082 to not bring my business to a near standstill?

New Member

Re: WAN on RV082 is Slow


I found the issue with my WAN. I flashed the firmware and noticed the performances were a 100% with a fresh install and zero configs. So I slowly reconfigured it and tested it one step at a time. (it was a long night)

I eventually found that problem was caused by settings in "System Management" > "Bandwidth Management"

Rate control and priority management screwed up my internet connection. I can get away with 1 or 2 rules but if I try to do more, the router's performance dropped.

This might not be your case but to properly find the cause. Connect a computer directly to your modem. If you have full performance, then flash your router and try it with clean settings. If you have full performance, configure everything one step at a time until you find the problem.

Also note that there is a newer version of the firmware. That might help you. I haven't tried it yet but it was released a couple of weeks ago.

Let me know if this helped you at all,


New Member

Re: WAN on RV082 is Slow

Two weeks ago I updated the router to the 2.0.x software. (I'm running Rev. 1 hardware of the router and the firmware 4.x is only for the new models released recently. I hate that Linksys/Cisco comes out with revisions to the same model that can operate wildly differently.) At the time, I had just upgraded and maintained the settings, and it was still slow. I uploaded an older configuration that a previous administrator saved from two years ago and it operated the same. So I reloaded my current configuration. Since then, I haven't been able to find downtime for the organization to fully troubleshoot.

Last night, I reset the unit to factory defaults and tried running it like you did fresh with no configuration options aside from the ISP IP information. It still took nearly 10 seconds just to show me the front page of the New York Times. So far, resetting to scratch did not resolve the issue.

New Member

Re: WAN on RV082 is Slow

You seem to be in a tough spot. I wish I could help more.

Good luck to you.


Re: WAN on RV082 is Slow

There seems to be a misconception that a Metro E hand off means you can plug it into any L3 device and get LAN speeds.

My point is a DS3 interface is rated at 45 Mbps of routed traffic. If you took a fa or gi interface off the same router and used that, you would start dropping packets way before you ever came close to 45 Mbps.

Can you just plug your handoff into any L3 device? Yes, but you will not see the speeds you expect. For a circuit speed of 50Mbps I would “guess” and 3945 ISR might be rated to handle that (just using one of the Ethernet interfaces off its chassis).

I would also confirm the duplex and auto setting on your gear and the ISP’s, this is a common issue.