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WAN Routing design - need help :)

I am just starting to get into WAN design and need help with the following design scenario.

Looking for advice / help on what would be my best option for the following 3 site setup.

Need outbound internet redundancy for client 1, 2 and 3 if any of their respective ISPs go down.

What routing protocols would I run on the inside between sites ?

What routing protocol would I run on the outside ?

Any help would be appreciated.

BGP scenario 1.jpg                  

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Re: WAN Routing design - need help :)

Will there be any stateful (e.g. security) devices between inside and outside?  If so, state information shared between sites?

Will you be NATing internal addresses?

Will you have per ISP public IPs?

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Re: WAN Routing design - need help :)

Really what I am trying to figure out here is how to use BGP to solve this scenario.

Each site would have its own ISP connection and public IP block

Internal addresses would be NAT'd and a firewall on each ISP connection.

What I am trying to figure out is if Site B Internet goes down, how do I route Site B's outbound connections thru

either Site A or Site C ISP's connection ?

Being new to the WAN side, how I do I change Site B's default route to use one of the other sites ?

Do I need an AS # for each site ? How do I get that assigned ?

Now for inbound internet connections...How do I share one public block of IP's between all 3 sites ?

Scenario 2 would be...Site A is main site...Site B is standby site...If site A goes down..How do i advertise Site A's ip block at site B ?

Appreciate the help

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