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Wan Routing Question

I think this might be classified as a dumb question but here goes. If 2 T1's terminate into a router and you want to differentiate which T1 clients use to go out to the internet, how is that accomplished.

The route statement Ser3/0 would route everything out that interface if not specifically routed elsewhere correct. If so, then how would I be able to differentiate which interface to route clients out?

I'm kinda feeling my way through routing so excuse me if this is a rather dumb question.



Re: Wan Routing Question

If there is not interface specified, then you have look on remote end IP address into route and match with your interface IP address.


Dharmesh Purohit


Re: Wan Routing Question


If you want to route traffic through both the links but based on which client is transmitting the traffic (i.e. based on source ip address), you will have to use PBR (policy based routing) where you can create a policy-map to classify source ip by using an access group and you can send that traffic to a specific next-hop. you apply this policy on the ingress interface. See the topic policy-based-routing for more details.



Re: Wan Routing Question

There are multiple ways of doing it.

Firstly, use static route instead of default route. You may use 1 interface for 1 destination network & another 1 for different destination. You cal also have redundancy, by higher AD for each network. Suppose you have 2 networks x.x.x.x & y.y.y.y & 2 interfaces se1 & se2. Then this is how you do it:

ip route x.x.x.x mask se1

ip route y.y.y.y mask se1 100

ip route x.x.x.x mask se2 100

ip route y.y.y.y mask se2

Another way of doing it is with PBR.

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