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WAN solution required

Dear friends,

I have a secnario (attached) and the requirement is as below.

Im in need of Load sharing as well as load balancing (load should be shared between these two isps and if one link has gone another should takeover.

In LAN side I'm in need of redundancy as well as load sharing.Which one would be better GLBP or HSRP.

pls guide.


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Re: WAN solution required


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Re: WAN solution required

Do you want to do inbound and outbound load balancing or just outbound (out from your lan)? If you're just interested in doing outbound LB, look into doing it with OSPF.

If you're looking to do inbound LB, that's a bit different. You'd have to get your isp's to work together to do some BGP tricks or you could get an appliance, like a Linkproof from Radware (I currently use these). Very easy to use and they use dns to do inbound LB. They do Outbound as well and if one router fails, it will shift the entire load to the other router. No HSRP/GLBP/BGP/OSPF needed (just $).

HSRP (I don't believe) is going to do load balancing, just failover.

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Re: WAN solution required

glbp would do what you require it will hand out a different mac address for the same ip address to machines that arp for it thereby providing loadbalancing, if one fails, the other takes over. hsrp just give you redundancy., ospf wouldn't really do the trick unless you front ended your isp routers with another router then had equal cost defaults pointing out, but any routing protocol or static routes would do that, however if you have any static addressed servers, you will need to address the issues as the other fellow mentioned, in the rad boxes this is all taken care of automatically.

Re: WAN solution required

You need GLBP in the LAN side, this will provide load balancing and gateway redundancy.

The info for your WAN side is not complete, but I can guess. Since you are connected to two ISP, I guess that you have your own IP and AS. For the WAN side you can use BGP for load sharing. Let me know if my guess in your WAN side is not correct, and give me more info in the WAN side.

Re: WAN solution required

Re: WAN solution required

For internet access, you can just use default routes for both 1700 and 2600. Then for the LAN side, you can just use 2 HSRP groups and provide 2 default gateways for your LAN (just configure your DHCP server with the appropriate settings). Then you can just use interface tracking on both serial to your ISP (if you are just concern with the link status of both ISP links).

BGP will do the trick but it requires lots of configuration.

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