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WAN speed limitations


Trying to find a good fit for a home router.  My goal is to have a full IOS setup to assist in my studies and I'm on to the router/firewall piece.  Was looking at an 871 as I could accomplish the fw and routing in this device, however in my reading it seems that the max wan speed I'm going to get is around 12mbps.  Is this accurate and if so, what's the cheapest device I can get that can handle my 45/5 connection at home?  I'm fine with an EOL device such as the 871 as this is just for home, but I don't want to degrade my WAN connection at all.  I was hoping for fanless and was also hoping for cheaper than I'm finding the 881's for right now.  Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.



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Re: WAN speed limitations


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Software router performance, such as for an 871, very much depends on what your traffic looks like and your device configuration.  Cisco notes the performance for the 860 (same 25 Kpps as the 870 series) ranges from 16.8 Mbps (min packet size) to 198 Mbps (max packet size) - that's just packet forwarding.  (Cisco also notes the 860 series can deliver up to 27 Mbps for IMIX traffic, @75% CPU, and with PAT.)  Cisco recommends an 860 for up to 4 Mbps (duplex) bandwidth.

The 890 series is recommended, by Cisco, for only 15 Mbps (duplex), but it's also noted as delivering 45 Mbps for IMIX traffic, @75% CPU and with NAT/QoS/ACL.  I.e., the 890 might work for you.

BTW, for 45/5 (or 25 Mbps duplex), Cisco recommends a 1941 or 2901.

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