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wan subinterface

i have 2821 router with 2gb int one is used for isp and other for the firewall i am planning to add one more isp from different vendor which will be used only for a set of systems only those will be using the link other will go via exsisting isp how should i go about without adding wic card,also please spcify should i need to create subinterface in firewall also,if i need to restrict particular systems to use that link.

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Re: wan subinterface

2gb int ? Can you clarify what is that exactly ?

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Re: wan subinterface


I believe that the Ethernet interfaces on the 2821 are capable of Gig speed and there are 2 of them. Perhaps PRAKASH can confirm this assumption?

I am not sure that we know enough about the environment to know whether it would be possible to implement another ISP connection without using a new network module. If there is a switch connecting the 2821 to the ISP, and if the switch could be configured with separate vLANs, (1 for each provider), and the switch trunked to the 2821, then probably you could implement the other ISP. But frankly I believe it is more simple (and perhaps more reliable) for each ISP to have their own interface on the router.



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Re: wan subinterface

Hi Paolo,

Let me clarify the ISP are terminated to the switch ,then it gets connected to the router ,i have only 2 int one i am using it for inside interface other for uplink to the switch,in this scenario please suggest weather to go in for creating subinterface in router or add WIC card or ANY OTHER alternate OPTION


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Re: wan subinterface

You can create subinterface on the LAN port if the switch supports VLANs.

Hope this helps, please rate post if it does!

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