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wan technology

hi! we've vpn tunnelling (through internet) and mpls in my environment? I would like to find out that will increasing the bandwidth of the internet line for vpn tunnelling improve the performance? We've a few small branches of about 30 users each that are connected to our end using vpn tunnelling. We monitored the wan traffic, the actual utilization is about 600- 800kbps the max and we've 6mbps of internet bandwidth, but we noticed that it's quite slow in the branch end.  What can be done to increase the performance? I noticed that a 2mbps MPLS line is so much faster than the tunnelling through the internet. What's the actual reason for that? I would think of the encrp/decrp process of tunnelling that causes this high latency. Is my understanding right?



Re: wan technology

You have the answers to your own questions.

Using the Internet for transport is less expensive, but you have no influence over the behavior of the links other than your access links.

MPLS, while it may be on a shared routing platform at the carrier side has a few more ways to adjust things, such as QOS.

It all depends on what you are willing to pay for.

What type of router do you have at the remote end? They "could" be a little underpowered for the VPN tunnel.

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Re: wan technology

hi! the router over the other end is provided by the local telco. the utilization is low...same goes to the vpn firewall. Is there anyway to improve the performance?


Re: wan technology

I'd switch the whole thing over to MPLS and not use the internet as my trnsport.

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