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WAN VLANs and ibgp on 7206 for backup site


I am setting up a backup site. We will have a gig-e private metro ethernet from Atlanta to Tampa, very expensive >$9000 per month so I am trying to maximize it. I want to create three vlans on the metro ethernet link, one for internet traffic, one for private traffic, one for dmz traffic. Tampa has two 7206 routers, r1 and r2 each with one internet provider savvis, qwest, i run ibgp between r1 and r2 . I will be adding r3 in atlanta and atlanta will have internet provider level3.  I would like to run ibgp between tampa and atlanta for load sharing. I also would like the servers in tampa to be able to use the internet in atlanta and vice versa. On the lan side I would like to be able to route my lans over the second vlan. There is also a DMZ in tampa I want to be able to access from the dmz in atlanta. I would like different subnets for the dmz and lan in atlanta than tampa.

can someone give me some ideas.




fe0/1ip address  WAN

qwest 100mb


fe0/1 ip address WAN

savvis 45mb WAN

metrolan 1gig

     vlan 10 ip address LAN

     vlan 20 ip address DMZ

     vlan 200 ip address WAN


vlan 10 subnet 10.0.10 LAN

vlan 20 subnet 192.168.0 DMZ




ethernet WAN

level3 internet 1 gig

metrolan 1gig

     vlan 10 ip address

     vlan 11 ip address


vlan 11 ip address 10.0.11

vlan 21 ip address 10.0.21

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Re: WAN VLANs and ibgp on 7206 for backup site


      Only consideration here is communication b/w dmz's and reachability to server from internet via redundant link in case of failure of primary.

For reachability to server via Internet


            Are  you having your own ip segment or using the provider's? If you are using your own then you have to advertise the same via all the providers to achieve reachability to your servers from internet. So that you can attain reachability to your servers via alternative provider if your primary/secondary link is down.Else if you don't have your own segment then have to do nat accordingly on wan to achieve the same.

For reachability to internet from server


            For servers in tampa to use internet in atlanta, advertise default from atlanta via Ibgp and see to that tampa internet link is preffered when its is up, when it goes down it prefers default via ibgp and go to atlanta. (have to do the same for servers in atlanta as well)


Hope got your question to an extent, If i am wrong do let me know


V Dinesh Kumar

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