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I have 14 Branch location. I wants to connect all locations throught lease line with 64 or 128Kbps. Head off I have 3825 router with HWIC-4A/S or NM-4A/S module & Branch have 1841 with WIC-1T or WIC-2A/S.

1. I wants to ask this setup will run???

2. I wants to run EIGRP, it will run ???

3. Which is best module for this setup??? (3825 & 2821 router)

4. If u hv other solution pls advise me??



Re: WAN with EIGRP

To answere your questions:-

1) Yes

2) Yes

3) They are both good, both will run

4) other solutions depend on budget/cost.


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Re: WAN with EIGRP


WIC-1T card can support 64 or 128Kbps ???

What u think abt MPLS solution. We hv the budget. I dont know much abt MPLS which module we need for MPLS,which router??? etc etc pls give me some idea.


Re: WAN with EIGRP

Yes it can - it's max speed is 2048mbps - so that equals to 32x64kbps channels or 16x128kbps channels.

MPLS is a WAN circuit termination - you say you have the budget fo the equipment, but do you also have the budget for the yearly cost of the MLPS circuits?

What is your topology currently? is this a new network? If you are using the WIC-1T is your wan technology going to be Frame-Relay?

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Re: WAN with EIGRP

HI Netview,

Not sure if this will help but my environment has 6 sites and I just finished up a complete WAN refresh where each site has 2 legs, one to a common private network running EIGRP and one leg to the Internet. For failover purposes, I am also using EIGRP to failover between the two circuits, in other words, if the Internet circuit fails for whatever reason, traffic would be dynamically routed via the private network and find its way to the Internet from one of the other sites. This type of configuration\setup is fairly simple to deploy and manage, but again, this is not MPLS.

If you have the budget for MPLS and it's justified I'd say go with it.

The equipment I am using on the edge for the private network are C2800 and firewall's facing the Internet.

I can get you more details if this is what you're looking to do.

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