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Wanna get some advice on SDSL

Hi everybody. My name is Shah and i'm just registered here. I would like to get an advice from people here. So, i can make a right decision.

Ok, last time my company are using ADSL broadband for our Internet connection. On that time, we are using ADSL modem that can be modified as a router. But then, we are decided to migrating from ADSL to SDSL connection. So, we are counting to get a dedicated router. So, i would like to know what is the suitable model of Cisco router for our SDSL connection. Hopefully anyone can give some advice and suggestion regarding to this matters. Thank you.

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Re: Wanna get some advice on SDSL


What we have been using for SDSL (and its variations like g.shdsl)is the 828 router. This has a fixed dsl port and is quite cheap.

However this has gone end of sale and will transition into end of software maintenance in March 2007.

There are plenty of Cisco resellers who will still offer this product (at a decent price too).

The replacement router is the 878.

You could go for either, the 828 goes end of life in 2011 so still has a role to play for a few years to come.

hope this help, please rate if does


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