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WCCP configuration


i want to configure transparent proxy in my network, there are different vlan on my network. All vlans are configured as a interface vlan. Any help in configuring WCCP on my network, for caching i am using red hat linux

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Re: WCCP configuration

Hello Waseem,

here it is a link for C3750 WCCP configuration

just a note:

You cannot configure WCCP and PBR on the same switch interface.

So if you use WCCP you don't need PBR for doing the job od diverting traffic to the transparent web cache.

WCCP is thought for this use

Hope to help


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Re: WCCP configuration

hello Giuseppe

Thanks for your reply , please guide me to configure WCCP on my router and where i place my squid proxy.

I have 3845 router and one of its interface serial0 is connected to the internet, fasteherenet is connected on a switch 3750. There are different interface VLANs on my LAN segment. Please guide my to configure WCCP.


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Re: WCCP configuration

Hello Waseem,

the setup is very similar to the PBR scenario:

you need to define the WCCP service with

ip wccp {web-cache | service-number}

If you have multiple client vlan you will need the command

ip wccp {web-cache | service-number} redirect in

on all of them.

the SQuid will be in a DMZ vlan

well you need three interfaces:

one towards the customer/client where you do WCCP intercepts incoming packets

one ouside WAN interface towards the internet

one dmz / horizontal link where you place the proxy / web cache

Incoming packets from users will be sent to the proxy ,the proxy will go to the internet opening a TCP session on behalf of the customer.

So you will have two coordinated TCP sessions

user <-----> proxy TCP_A

proxy <-----> real web server TCP_B

Return path will be

outside -> proxy -> || proxy --> user


Hope to help


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Re: WCCP configuration

hi Giuseppe

Thanks a lot for your guidance, my question is how the router knows where the proxy is? do i have to mentioned the ip address of proxy in WCCP configuration? i have only one proxy server. Does it works well on 3845 router?

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Re: WCCP configuration

You do not need to mention the ip of the proxy on the router configuration, in fact you need to mention the routers ip on the proxy server (ex: squid) and as soon as the proxy starts he will "register" itself via WCCP with your router. Your proxy needs to have the WCCP module installed and will work very well on your 3845.

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