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WCCP - HTTP access timeouts


I have a web cache server, and I redirect all the HTTP request to it using WCCP.

Everything works without a problem, however I have a monitoring system that every minute tests the access to some customer sites that are hosted inside our infra-strutcture.

As soon as I configured the WCCP the monitoring system complains of timeouts accessing those sites, about 20% of the requests start to fail (timeout).

I don't think it is the fault of the cache because in the WCCP ACL I exclude all traffic that comes from my monitoring system. However as soon as I turn of WCCP the monitoring system never ever gives timeouts accessing those sites.

Is there anything I should do in WCCP to tweak it? As anyone experienced this kind of problem?

I have WCCP configured in my core gateway that is a CISCO 3750.

thank you

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WCCP - HTTP access timeouts

Is it possible that your access list that excludes traffic from the monitoring system does not accurately have ALL addresses that relate to the monitoring system?

Also you describe it as exclude traffic from the monitoring system. Is it possible that it is affecting traffic TO to the monitoring system?



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WCCP - HTTP access timeouts

Hello, I've double checked my ACL's and all traffic to and from the monitoring system is indeed excluded, however I have just disabled WCCP and the problem persists... Its strange because this problem started when I first activated WCCP, and whenever I disabled it it stoped the problem, but I have WCCP disabled for about 3 days now and I am seeing the problem again.

I believe there are less timeouts than when I had WCCP enabled, but it varies during the day.... I believe my problem is elsewhere and not on the WCCP configuration.

I'm going to double check my network for CRC errors and other design flaws that might be causing this...

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