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Web Server*******************************

Hi Expertise,

I have web server which is placed in my own network. I got WAN link form two different ISP let say ISP-A & ISP-B. My web server is resigster on ISP-A. Let suppose ISP-A gets down, i want my traffice redirect to ISP-B and that web server still accessible from out side. Is it possibele, if yes, how?



Re: Web Server*******************************

You need to get an AS, a public address space, and run BGP between you and your two providers. Our host your web server somewhere that already has this.

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Re: Web Server*******************************

Do you still need an AS and BGP or you can tell your ISP or who ever handles your DNS to create 2 ip addresses for One from ISP A and one from ISP B? I didn't try this yet. By the way CECLARK is correct.

Re: Web Server*******************************

You can set up DNS to handle it, sort of. If you create two records, and then one ISP goes down, you'll lose 1/2 your connections (that's a theoretical half). You could also setup a single DNS record and then change it if you lose an ISP, but depending on how the ISP set up it's DNS (and assuming it's not the one that went down!) it could take a while for that DNS propagation to happen.

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