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What do I need for Cisco Hardware HA mode?

Hi all,

I currently have 2 2821 routers, one for our WAN and the other for the Internet.  I have redundant connections for both routers, with administrative distance failover. The CIO now wants me to implement HARDWARE HA, in effect having a router on standby in the event that one of the 2821 units fails so no connectivity is ever lost.

Now I know about redundant circuits (I configured these) but don't know what to do about making the actual hardware redundant.  Can this even be done with 2821 units?

Thanks for any suggestions.



What do I need for Cisco Hardware HA mode?


AFAIK, the second device can be a hot/cold standby with/without WAN cards etc. Incase if situation arises (one goes down and other won't pickup), you move the connections, cards and config to new router and bring it into to production. Based on budget, you can even buy WICs, power up and ready with configurations- so the production down time will be less.

Lets see what experts say.




What do I need for Cisco Hardware HA mode?

Got Budget?

2 design guides, more towards a large campus / internet edge.

But, its more for the concepts rather than a detailed design.

For a hot solution, you would need to replicate hardware and software, then configure a hsrp solution.

While you are at it, might as well look at RPS. the 2300 does rps for your routers.

What do I need for Cisco Hardware HA mode?

you can you use each router as back up to the other by  runing some routing between them and using some polices you can archive active/standby link and devices in this case

for example router 1 is the active for WAN and standby for Internet

hope this help

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