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What is the BGP AS & Eigrp AS

Hi Everyone,'

can some one explain what is BGP AS & EIGRP AS.


Re: What is the BGP AS & Eigrp AS


Range is : 1-65535

You can configure more than one EIGRP autonomous system on the same router, but Cisco does not recommend it. Multiple EIGRP autonomous systems on the same router that use mutual redistribution can cause discrepancies in the EIGRP topology table. Cisco recommends you configure only one EIGRP autonomous system in any single autonomous system. Also use another protocol, such as BGP, in order to connect the two EIGRP autonomous systems.

AS numbers are globally unique numbers that are used to identify ASes, and which enable an AS to exchange exterior routing information between neighboring ASes. An AS is a connected group of IP networks that adhere to a single and clearly defined routing policy.


Range : 1-65535

There are a limited number of available AS numbers. Therefore, it is important to determine which sites require unique AS numbers and which do not. Sites that do not require a unique AS number should use one or more of the AS numbers reserved for private use, which are in the range from 64512 to 65535

As EIGRP is interior routing protocol..there is no harm in using any AS number for Enterprise Network , in EIGRP.

See below link for more information..

HTH..rate if helpful..


Re: What is the BGP AS & Eigrp AS

Adding to the above query BGP is used for carrying high number of routes where as EIGRP is only used ofr IGP purpose.

One cannot use more than one AS for BGP but it is possible in Eigrp.



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