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What is traffic from ?

I have a peer to peer DDR (Cisco 800) set up - which works ok. The dialer timeout is set to 60 secs and it dutifully drops the isdn line after one minute. However there is one thing confusing me. I have a default route ( on the remote ddr router, pointing to the local ddr cisco 800. When I run "debug ip packet" on the remote router, I periodically get ip traffic being sourced from "" to the remote ddr router address (not a b'cast or m'cast). There are no dynamic routing protocols on the routers just static routes. What is this traffic likely to be? Occasionally it interferes with the dialer time out in that as the dialer counts down (I set it to 60 secs) - sometimes this transmission (from - makes the dialer time out refresh back to 60 secs.

So (a) what is this transmission ? (I have disconnected everything from the Ethernet side of the remote ddr router - so it is coming from the remote ddr router itself).

(b) How can I filter it ? (I don’t want to lose the default route point back)

Thanks everyone - Peter

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Re: What is traffic from ?

Hi Peter!

Can you run command "debug ip packet detail" on remote router and post results.

Best regards,

Victor Milenko

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