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What modules are needed to make my router solution work?

Here is where I am at. I want to purchase a router capable of providing my company with Network Security, VPN access for users that travel and in the future remote sites, and VoIP. I am of the strong opinion I can use a 2800 series Router to acomplish my task. I want my VoIP to provide voicemail as well so I need Some sort of Unity express module. Now for the meat I have 8 pots lines coming in to a pbx now that resets when it feels like it. The lines are not all for the same company so i need to be able to distinguish at the phone which line it is so they are answered properly. I hope the system can do that. However I understand I need a module for the lines to plug into, which one is it? Now on to what else I need to accomplish. I need to provide failover to 2 ISP connections, the connections are just broadband DSL and cable with modems provided by the ISPs so i have ethernet to plug into the router. Next I need it to be secure providing packet inspection and if possible Gateway Antivirus. 2800s have the firewall in the IOS so I think I am good there but I also need VPN for users who travel. I may have remote sites in the future but that could be tomorrow or in 5 years. Now my only concern with a single router is if it gors down phones no longer work and neither does the internet, so does the 2800 series support any way for me to at least redundancy for the phones or preferably redundancy for both?

Tell me if it can be done of if i need to split up my services and let it go. Thanks for the help.



Re: What modules are needed to make my router solution work?


You should be able to accomplish all of this with a 2800 or a 3700. The site below gives you configuration options look under products on the 2800 or 3700 for one of the voice bundles.

CISCO2851-CCME/K9 I would proabably look at this bundle.

CISCO2851-CCME/K9 2851 Voice Bundle w/ PVDM2-48,FL-CCME-96,SP Serv,64F/256D 1

EM2-HDA-4FXO 4-port voice/fax expansion module - FXO

I don't exactly recommend using your internet router for your ISP entry point but it can be done using static tracking. Probably better to look into an ASA 5500.


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