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What Router is right for me (need help!) :-)

I am about to deploy between 2 and eventully 6 servers at a local data center. I was told I need a router that provides:

"You will need a commercial router capable of routing multiple external IP’s to multiple internal ip addresses"

they recommended a Cisco 1700 series costing a couple of hundred dollars.

There are a lot of 17xx routers and I am trying to find the one that will make the most sense (2 to 6 servers. Can I get some recommendations on a router that would meet my needs?


Daniel Adam (


Re: What Router is right for me (need help!) :-)

That sounds like a router that is capable of NATTING. A lot of Cisco Routers, 1700 inclusive are capable of that. However, I think the final decision will also be based on the interface that is required for the connection.

Can you get the list of the interfaces required, and if there will be any other services running on the router.


Re: What Router is right for me (need help!) :-)

Try this link if you are looking at 1700

This is a easy tool for people not used to cisco routers.

The most important questions you need to know is what kind of interfaces are needed. It is simple ethernet to ethernet or one of the many other option like ADSL,T1,E1,isdn.


Re: What Router is right for me (need help!) :-)

I would recommend a 1710 as it has two ethernet interfaces. One is 10 the other is a Fastethernet interface that will allow you to create subinterfaces if needed. If you are going to use more than 10Mbps out to the internet, then you would need to increase the model to get something with two Fastethernet interfaces as opposed to one. Let me know if there are any questions. Hope this helps.

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