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What router/switch can I use?

I need to provide the following services to my remote locations and at my local site, but I have been running into dead ends. Does cisco offer a router in which I can tie these services into one unit?

I need to tie in:

1 ISDN line

2 T1 lines

1 T3 line

I would also like to add a 1Gb 10 port ethernet module and heres the tricky one, at least a 2 port token ring module.

I can't seem to find one unit that can provide all these services.

Anyone have any ideas? Can this be done?



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Re: What router/switch can I use?

Thanks for response!

To answer your question its a full T3. Two other questions now. Can I break the token ring module out into 2 seperate VLANS, and the ethernet module into 6 VLANS without having to use individual modules? Looking at the specs on NME-16ES-1G-P ethernet module it says that a maximum of 1,024 per switch or stack is allowed. Did I just answer my question?

Thanks for your help!

Re: What router/switch can I use?

I dont have any expertise with that TR module, so I am not in a position to answer that question. The switch module - yes you should be able to break the ports into multiple vlans.

The Miercom report for 3845 indicate that 3845 can handle at full T3 along with AES encryption (which is a lot of load). So I think you should be fine with the 3845, with full T3 rate.

Re: What router/switch can I use?

You should be fine using a 3845.

For the token ring check out

Is it a full T3 or sub-rate ? You can use a 3845 which can support sub rate T3s. You can add T1 wics (wic-1dsu-t1-v2s) to support T1 and WIC-1BRI-U or S/T to support ISDN on BRI. You can also use channelized T1 network modules to terminate PRI links too.

For your 10 port 1 gig ethernet module you can use the

NME-16ES-1G-P which provided 16 1 gig ports with inline power ( i dont think this module is available in non-inline power version).


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