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What router to use on a 300/300 Mbps WAN link for about 50 users?

Dear All,


I am in need of your assistance... Thank you for all the replies in advance!

I seem to have a rather unusual problem, we have an office with a 300/300 Mbps internet connection and about 50 users. I have checked what router would do the job without blowing up or just simply being a bottleneck and I find it rather difficult to find a solution...

1st criteria would be to have a Gi WAN Port (RJ45) and a Gi LAN port (RJ45). (ISR - 890 Series are not good as they have only a switch panel faceing the lan with 8*Fa).

The main problem is with the throughput according to some documentation I have found.


For example this:


this is... depressing to say the least :) I would need at least a ISR G2 2951 to be able to have ~300Mbps throughput.

on the other hand... an ISR - 860 has 12.80Mbps... which is not a real value for sure. 


My question wozuld be if there is a documentation out there, or someone who know from experience what router would be enough for such a line?





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You would need at least a

You would need at least a 2951 to handle 300/300, though a 3925 would be a better option.


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Adam, thanks for the reply,

Adam, thanks for the reply, but I did find this also...

here table 1 suggests that a 890 is more than enough... confusion, confusion everywhere... 


I know, to be on the safe over-exaggerating with the 4000% :)


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Cisco recommends a 3925E for 250/250 and a 3945E for 350/350 (this based on performance testing [drawing the the same document your second posting references]).

Cisco recommendations support those bandwidths, with most common services, with INET type traffic, and not loading the CPU above 75%.

Could you go smaller?  Sure, you just need to recognize that smaller routers might not be able to handle your 300/300 fully loaded, but if you really don't expect to fully load your 300/300, you can size for your expected maximum or average capacity needs.

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