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What's problem about the infor?

Hi,My 7507 suddenly display the following information:

Feb 20 05:01:08: %CI-2-ENVCRIT: +24 Voltage measured at 12.64

Feb 20 05:01:11: %CI-4-ENVWARN: 2.5 Reference measured at 1.36

I used the show environment all to check it:

Rwanzhou7507-2#sh environment all

Arbiter type 1, backplane type 7507 (id 4)

Power supply #1 is 700W AC (id 2), power supply #2 is 700W AC (id 2)

Active fault conditions: none

Active trip points: none

15 of 15 soft shutdowns remaining before hard shutdown


Dbus slots: XX XX

card inlet hotpoint exhaust

RSP(2) -79C/-110 -59C/-74F -47C/-52F

Shutdown temperature source is 'hotpoint' on RSP(2), requested RSP(2)

+12V measured at 5.99

+5V measured at 2.50

-12V measured at -6.01

+24V measured at 12.07

+2.5 reference is 1.25

Rwanzhou7507-2# sh env

Rwanzhou7507-2# sh environment ta

Rwanzhou7507-2# sh environment table

Sample Point LowCritical LowWarning HighWarning HighCritical

RSP(2) Inlet 44C/111F 50C/122F

RSP(2) Hotpoint 54C/129F 60C/140F

RSP(2) Exhaust

RSP(3) Inlet 44C/111F 50C/122F

RSP(3) Hotpoint 54C/129F 60C/140F

RSP(3) Exhaust

+12 Voltage 10.90 11.61 12.82 13.38

+5 Voltage 4.61 4.94 5.46 5.70

-12 Voltage -10.15 -10.76 -13.25 -13.86

+24 Voltage 20.38 21.51 26.42 27.65

2.5 Reference 2.43 2.51

Shutdown boards at 70C/158F

Shutdown power supplies at 76C/168F

Restart after shutdown below 40C/104F

Pls help me to confirm what problem is?

Thanks a lot!

New Member

Re: What's problem about the infor?


%CI-2-ENVCRIT: +24 Voltage measured at 12.64

The above messages indicate the voltage measured by the CI card. The following are the most likely triggers for these messages:

""A faulty power supply?If you have a spare power supply available, install it in either of the power supply bays and verify that the error messages disappear. If, after replacing the power supply, the errors still occur, the CI card is the next thing to check .""

""A faulty CI card?If the router has two power supplies, and the combined bus voltages are low, the cause cannot be a power supply problem. In the Cisco 7500 architecture, one power supply cannot drag down the output voltage of another; isolation diodes prevent this from happening. A faulty CI card is the most likely cause. Open a case with the TAC for further troubleshooting.""

Best Regards Bahman Mozaffari.

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