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where an interface is connected

from the backbone routers, what other command beside "show ip route" could we use if we want to know what is the real router an interface is connected ?

help is greatly appreciated. thanks.


Re: where an interface is connected

show cdp neigh detail is a good command to find what cisco devices is connected to another cisco devices. If the router/switches are non-cisco, show cdp will not them as CDP is cisco specific. I hope I udnerstood your question correctly.

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Re: where an interface is connected

thanks bosalaza !

this is the scenario: i am working in an isp, i have access to our backbone routers.

i have a serial ip which i don't know from which access router this is 'physically located'.

i tried 'sh ip ro x.x.x.x' from an access router but it only gives me "directly connected, via Null0". i know that from it is not really 'directly' connected to that access router.

i am thinking what command should i run so as to know what access router this serial interface is really (and physically) connected to ?

thanks ..

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Re: where an interface is connected

Can you try below :

sh ip interface brief | in x.x.x.x (interface ip address)



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Re: where an interface is connected

i don't get anything when i run that command .. it just goes to the next "Router#" prompt ...

Re: where an interface is connected

hi zaqtivi,,,

can you clear me your connectivity properly...

i reply this by assuming... is it like your router is connected remotly??? if so and if you have access to all router...then u can have tracerotue to perticular ip address and then the router befor your exact ip address telnet it and then run CDP on that router ...there may be possibliy will work....

please reply me so will have clear idea



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