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Which one 3750E or 4948???

Well here are the two switches I am considering to replace my existing core...



I require full IP Services feature sets as I need BGP and EIGRP extensions... and such.

Can anyone here really tell me the main differences on these two, other than the obvious (such as 24 vs 48 ports, stackwise, and such)

I am having a tough time making a desicion, but am leaning towards the 4948 due to its support for dual power supplies and in service fan replacement tray.

Any opinions?

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Re: Which one 3750E or 4948???

To replace a Core router, I go with the 4948. It has the same architecture as the 4500 Switch series. Ample TCAM to handle wire speed routing/switching performance (lots of stuff done in hardware, thus saving CPU cycles).

The 3750 is ideal for wiring closet, end device connectivity, such as IP Phones and workstations.

See their data-sheets



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Re: Which one 3750E or 4948???

Difficult decision. The 3750-E appears to be a "Enterprise" scale-up of the SMB oriented 3750 series. The 4948 appears to be a "pizza box" downsize of a 4500 using a Sup V.

Some differences in features. Some might be subtle. (For example, recall an issue with 3750 [non E model] only supported 32 HSRP groups.)

4948 follow on to 4500 series, so in theory, might be more stable than the more recent 3750-E.

If you see no need to stack, 3560-E might be considered.

If you have redundant dual core, stacked 3750-Es could be considered.

RPS could be considered for redundant power option for 3560E/3750E.

10 gig modules slots "standard" with 3560E/3750E, different model with 4948 series.

Try to select based on careful analysis of their differences, especially those important to you.

Re: Which one 3750E or 4948???


As well as the useful comments above there is something else you can do:

1) Use the IOS upgrade planner to select the software feature set that you'll most likely use. Do this for both platforms.

2) Now use the Feature Navigator to do a comparison of the images. This will list the features unique to each image, followed by the features common to both images.

You'll be surprised at how many features are unique to one or other of the images and this may help to narrow the choices.



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Re: Which one 3750E or 4948???

Thanks for the suggestions, at this time the 4948 is looking like a better choice for what we are doing. But I will go to the IOS planner and see whats there.

Thanks again for the assistance.

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Re: Which one 3750E or 4948???

I was looking at these two as well, and from everything I read the 3750E has IPv6 routing in hardware, the 4948 has it only in software.

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