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WIC-1ADSL in 2821 (firmware?)


I have a WIC-1ADSL installed in a 1750, downloads a particular firmware when trained. However when connected to 2821 it downloads a later version (ASW_init_3_8_131.bin). The WIC doesn't work and I get this error info from a "debug atm events" and "debug atm errors"


*Mar 9 14:51:50.747: DSL(ATM0/0/0): Received 1 timer events during waitt

*Mar 9 14:51:53.247: DSL(ATM0/0/0): Received 2 timer events during wait

*Mar 9 14:51:55.747: DSL(ATM0/0/0): Received 3 timer events during wait

*Mar 9 14:51:58.247: DSL(ATM0/0/0): Received 4 timer events during wait

*Mar 9 14:52:00.747: DSL: No response from ASW_init_3_8_131.bin

*Mar 9 14:52:00.747: DSL: Unexpected response 0x0 to ASW_init_3_8_131.bin

*Mar 9 14:52:00.747: DSL: SM: [DMTDSL_DLOAD_1 -> DMTDSL_INIT]

*Mar 9 14:52:00.763: DSL: SM: [DMTDSL_INIT -> DMTDSL_DLOAD_1]

*Mar 9 14:52:00.771: DSL: Downloading ASW_init_3_8_131.binretry=0, reg=0xFF

retry=1, reg=0xFF

retry=2, reg=0xFF

*Mar 9 14:52:02.319: DSL: Could not send command 0x12 after 3 retries

*Mar 9 14:52:02.319: send command fails!!!

*Mar 9 14:52:02.319: DSL: Could not download ASW_init_3_8_131.bin


Any thoughts? This is in Australia using Telstra DSLAM's, however I'm not sure what brand they use. Is this something to do with the version / make / model of DSLAM?




Re: WIC-1ADSL in 2821 (firmware?)

This usually is a hardware problem.

Try IOS to c1700-sy7-mz.123-2.XE.bin as per Corporate Standards.

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Re: WIC-1ADSL in 2821 (firmware?)

This is on a 2821, works fine on 1750.

More information, this doesn't appear to be firmware at all, it appears to be a problem with IOS on 2821. Basically I've used IOS images with different versions, including the ones specified in Feature Navigator.

Here is what happens now, firmware is downloaded on the first attempt then I get the errors as displayed in my original post. DSL appears to train, i.e. bandwidth is set, etc and then nothing.

Also the 2821 when achieving a successful download of the firmware then buggers the card up for use in the 1750. I have to boot a completely different image and then power off and put the card back in the 1750. IOS appears to be very dodgy with this wic / the 2821's.

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Re: WIC-1ADSL in 2821 (firmware?)


did you find any solution to this problem?

I have exactly the same situation, problem still unsolved.

If you have resolved it do you mind sending me a short explanation to:

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Re: WIC-1ADSL in 2821 (firmware?)


Yes I found out what the problem was. It had nothing to do with the firmware that is downloaded from the provider. The problem is with the hardware version of the WIC (Its a while ago now and I'm trying to remember).

Basically the early WIC-1ADSL cards had a problem with a capacitor or something. Cisco replaced the cards if under maintenance. The way to find out if your card was one of the affected ones was to enter the part code from on the WIC (on a sticky label I seem to remember) into one of the troubleshooting areas within

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