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WIC-2T card problm with LOOP Modem


We are facing a problem from last few days. We are having WIC-2T card having Hardware Version:1.0 and Board Revision :B0. When I connect this particular WIC-2T to LOOP modem, my serial interface shows status "up" including the line protocol status. But no data flows. When I connect the same WIC-2T card to a RAD modem, my problem is resolved.

But now the problem, lots of customers are having this particular WIC-2T card but unfortunately they are already having LOOP modem in place. So every time, I had to tell the customers to replace LOOP modem with RAD modem and their problem was solved.

Has anything more to b done when I connect WIC-2T card with this particular specifications to the LOOP modem??

Once I was having the same WIC-2T card at both ends. At one end, I connnected RAD modem and the other end a LOOP modem to the same particular WIC-2T cards. My line protocol status was showing continuously "up" and "down". So I was suggested to enter one command "invert txclock" on the serial interface which was having LOOP modem connected. And my problem was solved.

But what when I am having LOOP modems connected to these particular WIC-2T cards with H/w Version:1.0 and Board Revision: B0???

Can anybody suggest the solution???




Re: WIC-2T card problm with LOOP Modem


Are you talking about going on for V.35 modem in LOOP make and G.703 with RAD Make,i dont think this kinda setup may work and we never tried up doing with different pairs at all in the past.

Also do find the link where a similar problem was discussed and during both the instance the card as well as the modem involved are of same model/type/make..


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Re: WIC-2T card problm with LOOP Modem


That's right!!!

But the same worked when i entered the command "invert txclock" on the serial interface having V.35 modem in LOOP make connected. At this time, the other end was having G.703 modem RAD make.

But would it happen when both the ends are having WIC-2T cards with Hardware Version : 1.0 and Board Revision :B0 and having LOOP modems at both ends??

It din't happen at our case...

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Re: WIC-2T card problm with LOOP Modem


have you found a solution to this issue? I have a end-user who's also facing similar situation. They're currently using the LOOP-E 1500-2S CSU/DSU via v.35 with WIC-2T. Same hardware & board revision as what you had depicted.

The link between the sites will go down intermittently. They have tested using a WIC-1T, and it didnt face any of WIC-2T's intermittent issue at all.

any advise will be appreicated. Thanks!


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