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Wic-4esw in 1711 access router

Hi guys, I'm pretty new to Cisco and am in the process of learning as I go in home environment with some cheap old kit.

I have a 1711 access router setup on an ADSL line etc and this works fine, I also have a 1751 with an ADSL card and this works as an access router as well. (current)

I have pulled the 1711 out of the network in order to utilise the riveted wic-4esw as a top level switch in my network thinking that the "power" of the Cisco over home hubs would give me better speeds and less latency (and more reliability) I chose to put a clean config on there and just configure the vlan and 4 FE ports as a switch to better understand this side without the ADSL interferance (I needed the internet to stay up while playing). So it literally

So the "architecture" is... 1751 with ADSL into the network. 1711 off this with 4 ports. 1. to 1751  2. gigabit switch (netgear home jobby)  3. netgear WNR2000 as a wireless access point and switch. 4. goes off to the homeplug network.

the gigabit switch runs 2 NAS units and a couple of machines

The WNR2000 has some more machines and the wireless clients

the homeplug has multiple network cameras

All 4 ports are configured


Speed 100

Duplex full

Switchmode access

and all default to VLAN 1

As soon as I put the 1711 into the network throughput across it (and just to it's port) dropped down to ~1.5Mbps on devices from wirless to the NAS etc. Now I have read a couple of threads that suggest that although the 4esw is FE the 1711 is only 10Mbps internally or something along those lines. So why rivet a 4esw in there?

Is the 1751 limited by this as well? (is it worth drilling the rivets out and plugging it into the 1751?)



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Re: Wic-4esw in 1711 access router

WIC-4ESW is supported on the ISR G1 router.   It's not supported on any 1700 chassis because the pins don't match.

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Re: Wic-4esw in 1711 access router


Here's a picture of it.

Sorry for poor quality, dark under there and only phone camera and a torch for light. but you can see quite clearly it riveted in there.



(Direct link to picture if IMG tags fail -

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Wic-4esw in 1711 access router

I posted a link to the data sheet of the card.  1711 isn't supported.

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Wic-4esw in 1711 access router

But Cisco sell them with them in.....

But I am guessing the answer is to drill the rivets and put it in the 1751 and try that. I was just hoping to find out if it's worth it, or if I had missed something in the configuration (as I said, still learning)

If I put the WIC in the 1751 will it run at 100Mbps ?

Thanks for your help, and I found the datasheet earlier that said 1721 or higher earlier too. There seems to be a lot of conflicting info out there.

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Wic-4esw in 1711 access router


I just checked the link I've posted.  It's for an HWIC.  But you're question is for a WIC-4ESW.  My apologies.

OK, so YES.  WIC-4ESW will work on a 1700 router.

Just understand that this switch module is a 10/100BaseTx based around a 2950.  So, yes, it will operate at 100 Mbps.

But the question you should be asking is whether or not your 1700 can operate at 100 Mbps and the quick answer is no.

Just curious, what are you trying to do?

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Wic-4esw in 1711 access router

I am trying to teach myself about the kit and putting it in at home and using it is the best way I know of learning it. I have a lot of devices on my home network (~40 devices) and the home router just doesn't hack it (DGN2000) and I have to re-start it regularly to allow me to VPN into work. So I picked up a few bits of kit from the skip, and bought the 1711 as it was cheaper to buy that than kist the 4ESW. and seeing as I have it. one box to be ADSL and a 4 port managed switch seemed like a good idea.

The 1751 with the ADSL card gives me a much faster connection too (and when you go from 1.5Mbit to 2Mbit ADSL it's a huge advantage). I also play CSS online and the 1751 brought my ping down ~5ms. There were no negatives to moving to the 1751 (or the 1711 originally) for ADSL using the internal port, but at 2Mbit  I was never pushing the internal port. It;s only since I moved the Wireless lan router (WNR2000) onto one port and have the GB Switch (GS105) with the 2 NASs on it that I noticed. I downloaded a fresh printer driver and went to store it on the NAS and 100Mb files was going to take an hour. Instant reaction was the homeplug network as the old 85Mbps adaptors were poor under load, but since moving to 200Mbps adaptors it's been more stable. Ended up troubleshooting it down to running a throughput test to the VLAN ip while attached to the 1711 directly and still could only get ~1.5Mbit to the switch. I've watched the CPU on the 1711 and it doesn't go above 1% (it's really not doing anything).

I even set the 4 ports to trunk mode and still nothing. I get odd moments of 8Mb but the average over 60s is under 1Mb

Is the processor / bus (backplane) in a 1751 faster ?

Once I have this bit mastered. The plan is to split the network up with the Cameras on one VLAN, maybe Wireless on another and then my main network seperate. then to add QOS to stop youtube taking all the bandwidth

I have a 1721 and an old catalyst ws-c3548-xl 24 port switch in the loft too (did not realize how noisy the switches are) to play with, just need to modify the case to fit a 120mm slow fan on it and loose the internal fans that have aspirations to be part of a 747.