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Wierd sluggish CLI on 2811.

When I log into the router remotely (new install) we see about half the banner, then it pauses, the the other half. When I type in en, it pauses, then about 2-4 seconds later I get the prompt. When I do a show mac-address-table...that takes about 10 seconds (there are only 6 devices on the network), I am getting no duplex error from the rtr to the PON, log file shows no errors. Any ideas?

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Re: Wierd sluggish CLI on 2811.

did you trace the path from your PC to router?

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Re: Wierd sluggish CLI on 2811.

What would that tell me? Just curious, PC is in another city. Besides everything on the other side of the rtr behaves normallly , just the router is sluggish.

Re: Wierd sluggish CLI on 2811.


One thing I won't like to miss over here is the sh proc cpu history which will enable us to find out of there is any process that is taking up huge amount of CPU cycles.

Alternatively this could also be due heavy traffic utilization across the WAN link (due to unforseen reasons) please have a lot on the traffic as well.

Please post output from :

1. sh processes cpu history

2. sh inter (WAN Interface)

Kind Regards

Wilson Samuel

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Re: Wierd sluggish CLI on 2811.

Fixed, it was a TACACS issue.

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