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Wireless and WAN Routing

Hi Guys,

I know that this belongs in the wireless forums but I didn't receive any responses over there so I thought that I'd try my luck here.

I'm looking for some insight on the procedures to connect 2 separate networks using 1300 series bridges. The networks are approx 2 kilometers apart and we have line of sight.

I have previously connected between sites that were only a few hundred yards away and all devices were part of the same network. The difference here is "separate networks".

I know that I need to configure the root and non-root devices and assign an infrastructure ssid to the dot11radio. How should I go about assigning an ip address to the bvi1 interface at each location since they are part of different networks? Or does it matter. I know that when you link 2 routers together both interfaces must be in the same network but the bridges will be making their connection via the dot11radio and ssid which does not get an ip address.

Any help will be appreciated.


Re: Wireless and WAN Routing

If your bridges connect one or more large, flat networks (a network containing more than 256 users on the same subnet) we recommend that you use a router to connect the bridge to the large, flat network.

I think you have to configure the root and non-root devices, this is a good solution for your network.

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