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Wireless Controller - Placement

Hi All,

My question is where would i place my wireless controller within my LAN.

I've been advised to place one within my network to better manage APs'

How our office is configured.

6 Large Floors, On each floor 4 APs> 2960 Switch > 3750 Switch [ Two of these for redundency purposes]> Router.

So in total 24 APs

6 2960 Switch

2 3750 Switches

1 Router

Where would i place the wireless Controller in this network?

Many Thanks,


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Re: Wireless Controller - Placement

Hello Sam,

I think you should connect them with two links one link to C3750_1 and one link to C3750_2.

you may need to propagate the appropriate vlans to manage the APs on all switches and to represent clients vlans this is needed on links to wireless controllers.

with LWAPP APs can tunnel user frames within IP packets to the wireless controller.

So it is possible that this requires a change on routing of client IP subnets.

Hope to help


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Re: Wireless Controller - Placement

I hope your WLC is either the 4400 or the 5508. The reason why I'm asking because in the advent of 802.11n it would be efficient if your WLC is connected to Gig ports instead of the 10/100Base of the 2000/2100 WLC.

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Re: Wireless Controller - Placement

Thank you for your response. My WLC is a 5508. 1xRouter > 2x5750 Switches > (no.?)WLC> 6x2960 Switches( One on each floor) > 24xAPS (4 on each floor)[6 floors in total}. Does that sound about right to you?

One issue i found is the few number of ports offered on each WLC. As i have 6 switches in total i presume i'll need more than one WLC to create redundency. Is this correct?

How would you configure the layout given my example above. Preferably i'd want dual uplinks to all the switches but given the few number of ports this doesnt seem possible.



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