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Wireless Signal Strength, Aironet 1200

I am helping our local small town library with a problem they are having with low wireless signal strength. They have a small ethernet LAN with an Aironet 1200 Access Point (AIR-AP1200, S/N VDF0650Q3L8). There was a power outage recently and ever since that time there is only one bar of wireless signal strength. Previous to the outage there was full signal strength (5 bars) everywhere in the library. I looked the area over to see if there was anything obvious that could be causing RF interference and found nothing. I thought that there might be an adjustment for signal strength in the web interface for the AP, so I used IPSU software to find out the IP address of the AP. When I put the IP address in the URL line, I was taken to the login page askng for username and password. I tried the defaults (Cisco) for username and password with no success. I tried others as well with no success so I figured I needed to rested the AP which would allow me to use the defaults for login. I reset the AP by holding in the mode button while unplugging power. Then I continued to hold the mode button in for 10 seconds and finally plugged it back in and then released the mode button. Once the mode button was released, I saw the three lights flash amber, then red, and then started flashing green on and off. Anyway, after that I looked up the IP address for the AP again (it had changed) and tried to login to the web interface using the defaults and I still could not login. I am not sure this was a successful reset because the AP is still broadcasting in the original SSID at one bar signal strength. Questions:

1. Am I correct in assuming the Aironet 1200 has a setting for signal strength in the web interface?

2. Am I doing something wrong during the reset procedure?

3. Am I doing something wrong during the login procedure to the AP web interface?

4. What else can I do to correct this signal strength issue?

5. Is this AP toast? Maybe I should just get another one.

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Re: Wireless Signal Strength, Aironet 1200

I think this AP was toast. I replaced it with another one and all is working OK.

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