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WiSM module portchannel config

We experience that after reboot of a 6500 node with a WiSM module, the configuration of the port channel is changed.

After boot there is suddenly a new config line added to the portchannel config that states another native vlan:

"switchport trunk native vlan xxx" where xxx = mgmt vlan for the WLAN AP's

This results in that the WLAN is disconnected.

The config line "switchport trunk native vlan xxx" were used in an earlier config version, but has been removed.

Anybody that knows anything about this issue?

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Re: WiSM module portchannel config

Hello Jorgen,

we experience a similar issue.

In our case after reload a line of permitted vlans was missing.

The reason is that Cisco IOS adds the legacy vlans 1002-1005 to the port-channel and then when loading the config it doesn't like them.

We had opened a CISCO TAC service request they recognized the problem admitting implementation issues.

The workaround for us is to manually fix the misconfiguration.

if the device hosting the WISM reloads we need to do the following:

we compare

sh run | inc wism


sh conf | inc wism

we manually modify the lists without adding the 1002-1005 in the ranges.

At the end all the required vlans are there and the system adds the range 1002-1005 in one line of them

We have seen the problem with

sup720 3B

both in IOS 12.2(18)SXF8 and in 12.2(33)SXH2.

TAC engineer told us that integration of WISM with catalyst is to be improved in these aspects.

Your issue looks like similar for us the problem was that a config line was missing.

Hope to help


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Re: WiSM module portchannel config

Tks Giuseppe! It seem like we have about the same issue. We run 12.2.33SXH5 though.

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